What Kind of Education?

Our Fellows provide training and support to parents, teachers, catechists, and others who already labor in formation. As our Fellows are highly qualified and experienced educators, they also provide direct instruction when the situation calls for it, whether in support of a cooperating organization’s program of instruction or as affiliates of other educational institutions. Fellows also revise course materials and develop sample curricula in support of those who are already busy about the work of teaching.

The Servi Institute is not, however, a school or a team of freelance teachers, nor is it primarily in business to sell a particular curriculum. We seek to support the teaching of those who have spent long years in training and practice developing methods they trust.

Here to Help

We help teams of teachers within and among organizations to better understand and cooperate with each other in pursuit of common goals. The information we develop in the process helps students, parents, and their advisors better chart a path to the whole-person formation they seek.

By training parents and community groups, and assisting teachers, we hope to help shape a whole generation of community educators that will carry our work forward in still more exciting ways.