The Urban Village Conference

The Servi Institute issues a creative challenge to our friends and neighbors. How do we do build "The Urban Village"? How do we move "from cloud-castles to blueprints"?

Urban Village Conference Flier

Call for Papers

We are actively seeking both academic and practical presentations.

Academic Presentations

Papers read by academics help us understand the principles and problems more clearly, with a special focus on specific proposals for building multigenerational transmission of faith, learning, and trade skills within families and neighborhoods.

Practical Presentations

Demonstrations or talks by professionals and tradesmen will put in front of us concrete skills that can be used to earn or supplement a living and provide a tangible good that can be shared by others. These also help us learn how to organize communities in which such lives flourish.

Submission Guidelines

Submit presentation proposals of 150-500 words by email, please!

Deadline for proposals is July 15th August 15th, 2018.

Presentations should be 15-20 minutes in length. All presentations will be indoors, so plan skills demonstrations accordingly. Please specify in your proposal any equipment you hope to use.


Registration fee will be $50 per participant. Some childcare will be available.


Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City has graciously donated their conference space for the use of "The Urban Village." Together, we’re making a difference.

Download, Read, and Share!

Ghent Altarpiece pattern flier (.PDF)
Merode Altarpiece pattern flier (.PDF)
Call for Papers (.PDF)

We are eager to hear from you!