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Servi Sumus

We help parents, educators, and communities uncover and explain the “map” of a free human being’s life in a free society that every generation needs to pass on to the next, while also ensuring that each learns hands-on, face-to-face trade skills that meet basic human needs, provide for families, and secure the goods of life, liberty and leisure to each and all.

We believe our job is to promote one key component of the “next step” toward a faithful, durable, hospitable way of living in families and neighborhoods united by religious faith and a shared conception of the common good.

We hope that by developing our mission in its integrity, we offer service to the Church in Oklahoma City and to many of our neighbors, as well.

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Our Mission

The Servi Institute exists to promote the integration of Liberal and Practical Arts education in the Catholic tradition throughout Oklahoma by advocacy, education, and consulting, so that every person can not only make a living, but know what living's worth.

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